The Box

Discover the psychic remote viewing game, The Box.

Age, intelligence, general knowledge and the ability to think mean absolutely nothing when playing The Box. A three year-old is as likely to win as a professor.

It is confounding, amazing, impossible and yet simple to play. Learning how to play is the matter of a moment as there are no complicated rules. It is a simple, straightforward, uncomplicated game that will take far longer than a lifetime to master.

The Box is a game to enhance and test your psychic remote viewing skills.

Remote viewing is a psychic ability to perceive things beyond sight. It was developed by Inigo Swann for the CIA, and has been the subject of many books, notably Joe McMoneagle's 'Mind Trek'. The CIA's training manual is available for download from a few internet locations, though like all the best CIA stories, all involved claim not to have authored, nor authorised it. It can be read online at

To play the game, you must see into the box without looking into it. Each player in turn places something in The Box, and the other players then guess some feature or shape of what it is. The player who put the item into the box awards a point to the best fit, and play continues with the next player in turn going off to choose something in secret. Nothing will surprise you more than when someone guesses what is in The Box

The most rewarding experience is when you guess what it is yourself. Only then will you know, with astronomical odds, that you have reached beyond the confines of what we consider normal, and plucked a piece of magic. But don't let me sway you with stories, give it a go yourself!

The Box for children

The Box for children is smaller. It is a 66mm cube, which is about the limit for small children to open without damage. I decided to make it after watching my own children enthusiastically trying to lever the bottom out of the larger box by heaving diagonally at the base. Without my intervention, it would have been torn off, and The Box would have remained closed. The children's game also contains a small set of ten coloured plastic items from which they can choose. This will leave your mind at rest as the things they come up with to place in the box can be frightening. Things out of the rubbish, spoonfuls of custard, some milk, or a bit of jam. Grandma's false teeth are something of a rare sight with four people peering into the box to see what your child found to test you with. It's not as great for elder children and adults as the full-sized game, but children love playing with small pieces of brightly coloured plastic.

The Box for adults

The adult version is a 110mm cube, and has no objects as you can choose anything in your home. There are thousands of small objects available around the home, from apples to socks, and well squashed teddy bears to spoons - I was once playing with someone who said "It's a spoon" when it was indeed a spoon. I nearly fell off my chair. The larger game comes with four paper pads marked out for recording your remote views in pictures and words.

To see the rules for the children's game, click here