These are the papers I have written. Those published contain publication information.

Architects must stand up and be counted
Enterprise patterns: The data hub
Some elephants can dance
Top down thinking for Enterprise Architects

The remaining papers all deal with aspects of Business Process Management, or BPM. The papers prefixed BPM followed by a number are all works in progress towards the final document, written for the first edition of GEAO's Journal of Enterprise Architecture. I have left the works in progress as they may contain some insights whittled away to make the final paper more readable. BPM7 is missing as it was only completed for the final paper.

BPM 1 - What is Business Process Management?
BPM 2 - Why automate business processes?
BPM 3 - Business process management terms
BPM 4 - How people work
BPM 5 - Business process management products
BPM 6 - Automation Oriented Architecture
BPM 7 - Case studies and common pitfalls
BPM 8 - The future of BPM

Business Process Management Implementation (1.8M)