Technologies I use
I work predominantly in Microsoft technologies, preferring C#.Net, ASP.Net, and SQL Server.

For those seeking out rarer, and more exciting buzzwords, here are other technologies I have used to create software:

Data storage and manipulation

MS SQL Server, MySQL, XML, XSL, MS Access

Programming and coding languages

Borland C, Visual C++, Basic, Visual Basic, VBA(for Word and Excel Macros), VBScript, C#, .Net, ASP,  HTML, Javascript, Java, Shell script

Middleware and enterprise applications

MSMQ, Websphere MQ, COM, COM+, Web services + SOAP, MS Exchange, SourceSafe, IIS, Apache

Operating Systems

Windows, Linux, Unix, MVS, VMS, CICS

Image and waveform processing

TSL - time series language, GDI, GDI+


VOIP, Asterisk