Sequence Viewer - Help page


Sequence Viewer is for use by animators to step through a video one frame at a time, to be able to see exactly what is happening in each frame, so that complex sequences can be broken down step by step for animation.

It is a Windows application, requiring Version 2 of the .Net runtime, DirectX version 9+, and Windows XP, 2003 or Vista.

On launching the application, the main window is displayed, and optionally, the last file viewed is loaded.


Sequence Viewer shows only AVI or SV videos. AVI is considered an old technology now, but for animation, it remains the most useful format. However, calling it old is unfair as it is only a structure for holding video and audio in, and in its use of modern codecs, it is as up to date as any other technology, and also - its biggest plus - none proprietary. SV is a proprietary format, used at present only in Backdrop. It will be the preferred format for all of my video processing software as it is both lossless and quick.