nVision Animator - User interface


These are the parts of the user interface

The tools selection defines which tool is selected for use in the drawing area.

The timeline shows the animation layers and drawings.

The toolbar contains shortcuts to many of the menu items, for loading and saving files, and also selecting drawing properties.

The timeline toolbar allows navigation through the animation, and sets display options for the timeline.

The project area shows the files or scenes which are in the current project, and allows the user to switch between the scenes. The code area shows the current drawing or animation, or the currently selected animation within the project.

The cribs area is where a users keeps their handy hints or often used pieces of code.

The library holds a set of reusable drawings.

Properties is a property page for the currently selected primitive, and allows the user to set properties using drop downs and text entries rather than typing in code.

The status shows the current operational parameters, such as rendering speed, frame and mouse location.