Animator - Introduction


Animator creates 2D animations. It looks like this:


Click here to install/download Animator.

What you get

Animator is free, for now. I shall post some getting started information, and a syntax guide, but the best place to find anything out will be on the forum. Click the link at the bottom of the menu.

To see some example animations, click Art -> Animation in the menu on the left.

What's happening

I am redeveloping animator using a different graphics platform. This version uses GDI+, which is part of Microsoft.Net and runs on top of Windows. It has its limitations, but has been useful to develop the product against. There is, however, a newer and whizzier option for drawing in Windows, which uses DirectX, and is called Windows Presentation Foundation or WPF.

WPF was not the only option. I considered using Xara's Draw, and also Cairo, and switching to C++ (from C#) and using DirectX. WPF seemed to be the best option. Only time will tell.

The state of Animator is such that it is pre-release software. It has a few bugs and quirks. Redeveloping it on another graphics platform may mean things will change, and possibly the syntax will change also. I have no intention of fixing any more bugs in it, or adding features, and redevelopment will take a long time. This version has been in development for around 2 years.