I have tried many times to render the Qur'an in an acceptable way, and found all approaches lacking the definition required.

The most obvious weaknesses were support for all arabic glyphs as used in the Qur'an, and the placement of harakaat or diacritics.

The problem of ligatures remains - these are the characters drawn one ontop of another. These items are further discussed at and on my other Qur'an pages. These ligatures are now supported in the open type courier new font, but not the arial or times fonts I have been using, so it looks more promising than it did.


This is the first release of this software, and having to check each surah before it is posted will mean a long delay while all surahs are compiled. If you would like to help with this effort, please drop me an email at the address in the header. At present, only surahs 1 and 114 are fully checked.


The viewer software can be installed on your machine by right clicking and selecting install. I recommend doing so, as it will allow use of the full screen area, and it can also use GPU acceleration, although I have not noticed much difference myself.


The software uses a developer beta release of Silverlight 4, which you can get for now at Scroll down to section titled "Get the Tools", and download the Mac or Windows runtime.

When you have the tools, click here.