Latest works

Here are my latest three works.

Lost in diversions

This painting was done with acrylics on bristol board. I had wanted to try acrylics for some time due to the fact that they dry very quickly. Waiting days or weeks for an oil painting to dry before painting the next layer can be a frustrating time.

What does lost in diversions mean? It is how we live our lives, the complexities and forces which keep us from a straight path, and from achieving the things we set out to achieve.

Getting a decent on-screen picture for this one is difficult as it uses some metallic colours which either reflect the light and look white, or are transformed into a muddier colour than they appear in the painting.

White church in New England

I have had a photograph of a white church in New England from a holiday brochure sitting around for some time while I wondered what to do with it. I began painting it just like the photograph, but as I got into the detail I began to see more and more things I didn't want in the painting, like roads, lampposts, even a building. Here is my painting, and a copy of the original photo beneath.

The Garden of Eden

This is my first abstract work, done in acrylics on a canvas board. It started as an idea of the four blue blobs and grew from there. It didn't have a name until I had finished it, when the diamonds in the centre reminded me of a snake in a primordial mess of shape and colour.