Xtreme gymnastics rings review

This is a review of the Xtreme gymastics rings from gymnasticbodies.com (Coach Summer's site).

The rings are sent from the USA, and with postage to the UK cost me just under 40.

The rings themselves are solid plastic (possibly polypropylene) made in a two part mould. The surface of the rings is pitted to give some friction, and feels quite comfortable.

The straps (also known as tapes or webbing) look very strong. Each is 5.4 metres long with a solid looking buckle. The stitching doesn't look as robust as the stitching on climbing extenders and slings, but equally, looks up to the task. Each ring hangs loose in the strap, and there are no attachment points.

For the price, I am very impressed. I could have paid much more for a set of rings of no greater quality.

TThis is what I had before, made out of an old curtain pole

Here is the logo on the side of the ring

Here's what's in the box: 2 rings and 2 tapes with buckles.

This is the stitching compared to a climbing extender

In action indoors. The rings are hanging from some braided cord breaking strain >500kg from two hooks screwed into ceiling joists. The hooks are about 6mm cross sectional diameter, and extend about 5cm into the beam. The hooks have been well stressed and a single hook can easily support 13 stone.

Tree action

Frame action