Dynamic Arts - Warmup

The warm-up is to get the body moving, supple and ready to absorb some impact.

It is a collection of joint rotations, light stretches, small jumping, light cardiovascular movements or jogging.

Warming up reduces the risk of injury. The older you get, and the more out of condition you are, the more likely you will be injured, and the more care you should take during warm-up.

Joint rotations

An essential starting point of any exercise is to rotate the joints. It is better to work in sequence either from the top down or bottom up, and cover all of the joints. Rotating the joints spreads your lubricating synovial fliud over the joint surfaces and loosens the muscles.


direction. It is important not to move the knees past their extended point when the legs are straight.
NeckFirst lift the head to straighten the neck. Rotate left and right, then look up and down
ShouldersWindmills either to front or sides
Fingers Claw at the air, making sure all fingers go through their full motion.
Wrists Rotate wrists, then reverse direction
Elbows Rotate elbows then reverse direction
Spine Place feet together. Rotate the spine
Hips Feet shoulder width apart. Place hands on hips and move hips in a big circle, then reverse direction
Knees Place feet together and hands just above knees. Bend knees, then rotate until the legs are straight. Then reverse
Ankles Stand on one foot and rotate the other foot about the ankle, then reverse direction. Change feet and repeat.
ToesWiggle toes

Cardiovascular warm up

Jog, swim. Some do push ups and things but I'm not too keen on straining at repetitive exercises.