Dynamic Arts - Routes

At present, we move in response to our urges, what we think is possible, and what our surroundings present us with. We seek out locations of high density urbanization and adapt our movements to them. We head to practice hotpots, where we can drill one, two or three moves, then move elsewhere to practice others.

In mountaineering, cycling, running, caving and rock climbing, each distinct way up or along is referred to as a route. And parcour (the French word from which Parkour is derived) translates to route. Where are our routes?

This section describes two Parkour routes. Routes of this calibre can be found in any urban environment, and are waiting to be discovered by a keen eye and adventurous spirit.

Route 1. Little Ilford

Location: Little Ilford Park, just off the A12 Ring Road in London E12. N51:32:55 E0:04:01, Enter at the corner of Gainsborough Avenue and Church Road.

Distance: 300m.



Little Ilford is a short course more suited to practicing. It begins at the signpost for the keep fit course, and finishes by the entrance gate, taking a meandering line.

  1. Begin at the sign explaining the keep fit course. Vault it, then turn left towards the boulders next to the circle of seats.
  2. From the nearest boulder, precision jump onto highest boulder, then down onto the furthest boulder. Run down towards the playground, with a wall spin on the toilet block.
  3. Mount, and balance along the railing all the way around, being careful of the swinging gate, to the far side of the swings.
  4. Lean into the swings, and swing through the chains of the nearest, holding the support bar.
  5. Vault over the slide or the small X shaped railings in the middle.
  6. Balance along the furthest low round section railing. At its end, jump up back onto the main railing around the park, then dismount immediately.
  7. Run in a curve towards a dive and swing, or trapeze jump, then continue straight ahead
  8. Vault over the railing and rejoin the keep fit course at its nearest. bend.
  9. Balance along the three part, round section balance, then run along the path until parallel with the ladder.
  10. Arm jump onto the ladder, jump up and grab the top, do a gate vault over the top, then a flag before lowering to the ground.
  11. Continue along the keep fit course, and along the parallel bars.
  12. Turn left through the trees, and head back towards the playground. Arm jump onto the first cherry tree then dive and swing at a second, before joining the oval path.
  13. Head to the right under the hanging garden. At the far pillar, arm jump and pillar climb to the top, then reverse jump and grab the large dangling branch, twist, stem and dismount, heading for the exit.
  14. Vault the last railing before the exit.

The keep fit course and play area offer more jumps, balances and other diversions.

Route 2. Great Bells

Location: Bow, East London, E3. Nearest Tube Bromley-by-Bow. Start at N51:31:39 W0:00:59, Finish at N51:31:38 W0:00:29.

Distance: 1.2km. Ends up at Three Mills hotspot.


Description: Great Bells passes by Bow Church (The Great Bells of Bow, which all true Cockneys are born within the sound of Ė actually sounds like a conker on a bean can), then heads on to Three Mills, where the TV show Big Brother was filmed.


  1. Begin at the south entrance of the high rise building Dorrington Points. Balance along the low level black rectangular section railing to the lamppost. Direction change or dismount at lamppost. Vault immediately over the railing and pop vault over the brick wall in the centre, taking care not to land on the concrete posts at the right. Turn left and run along the low wall to Stroudley Walk, finishing with two vaults over oblique railings.
  2. Turn right, and run along the low brick wall. Dismount at the end, then tictac off the tree onto the railings of Warren House. Vault over and return with a turning vault. Continue to the next tree and tictac onto the concrete wall, following the line of round-topped concrete posts at the far end in a precision run. Jump off the last post and head for the two leapfrog posts, then continue towards the Post Office. Arm jump onto 2nd last pillar, and pillar climb, jumping off from the archway. Double vault over small flowerbed, cross the small road and vault the railing. If traffic is low, balance along the railing, and arm jump to the frame before the zebra crossing.
  3. Cross the zebra crossing, and cat balance or run up the angled wall. At the far end, dismount and jump over the small walls, heading behind the bus stop.
  4. Turn right between Insley and Burton houses, then immediately left, past a garden with flowery railings. Go through the gate into the play park, and take a running jump for the monkey swing. Go across the bridge, then turn right and vault over the high rail (2.6m). Avoid the sawn off sections in the otherwise soft landing. Dive and swing between swings, then, if dry, exit over the railing using the seat. Head back onto the main road and turn right.
  5. Run along the low brick wall towards the roundabout, and turn right at the far end of the church, then immediately left, heading for the angled wall at the far corner.
  6. Cat balance or run up the angled wall. At the railing, lazy vault over, then follow the falling line of wooden edges with a series of three precision jumps back to road level (slippery when wet). Turn left and dash vault over the rubbish bin. Continue back to the road.
  7. Mount up on the long blue balance next to he roundabout and follow it as far as possible. Leap frog over the nine high posts past the road sign, cross the road, then wall run and get up on the wall. Continue along the wall (bush dependent) to the end, then take a running jump over the stairway onto the small road raised from the main road and follow it to its end. If youíre feeling energetic, climb the concrete lamppost, before continuing along the path.
  8. Vault over the railing into the underpass. The later the vault is left, the longer the fall. Go through the underpass.
  9. At the far end of the underpass is a conveniently (or inconveniently) placed spotting mirror, and a humongous wall run. If you canít make the wall run (is it possible?) turn right up the slope. At the top, exit early and vault over railings towards the superstore.
  10. Turn left, and at the corner, cross the road, heading for the large yellow gate of the far car park. Vault this, and head for the other yellow gate further on. Cross the bridge over the river, to Three Mills.

You can continue the route down to bow locks, where there is some light entertainment, and a good bridge climb beneath the two enormous black pipes across the river.